Mark Keffer was born in Houston, Texas and moved to the United Kingdom when he was 5 years old where he was raised in London up until the age of 18. Mark is a junior at Georgetown University who is double-majoring in fine art and psychology and minoring in economics. He has been painting since he was 14 years old and his primary medium is oil paint with a few exceptions. He mainly takes inspiration from photographs he has taken. His current work is focused around a theme of societal destruction of nature. Mark hopes to continue painting after college and establish himself further as an artist. 

Artist Statement

My paintings incorporate the use of both realism and abstraction to bring familiarity to the viewer while pushing the boundaries of accurate perception. Through doing so, I wish to delve into the philosophical question of what is true reality while giving away to the viewer some insight into my own perceptions of the world. In my most recent series, I explore the topic of environmentalism, contrasting nature with urbanized environments. I utilize suggestions of neon red colors to indicate remnants of humanity and their carbon footprints. Alongside this coloring, the imagery within the painting is further intended to provoke a guided conversation regarding the contrasted relationship of natural versus manufactured.


As for the process of creating my paintings, I purposely mix thinly and thickly applied paint. The mixed texture physically builds on and structures the painting’s surface, adding another dimension for interpretation. I intend to create a textural feeling that can be imagined and felt without the need of actual touching. These sensations should draw the viewer in and transport them further along in their personal understanding of the painting. Finally, as for the steps of creation, I treat my paintings like jigsaw puzzles, often finishing one piece of the painting before starting the next, all while holding a vision of the finalized piece within my mind.